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Work begins on third leg of the Global Cities Initiative

Worldwide Editing has helped the Global Commerce Council of the Metro Atlanta Chamber write the first portion of the third leg of the Global Cities Initiative, GCI 2.0. This initiative is a nationwide effort to help U.S. metros re-orient their economies to become more deeply engaged in world markets.

The recently completed assignment focused on market prioritization. In the case of Atlanta, the Global Commerce Council chose to focus on the region’s historic logistics specialization in supply chain management. This is a legacy market specialty for Metro Atlanta because the city was founded on supply chains based on the technology of the time of its founding in 1836 – the railroad. For this assignment, we burrowed down into what’s driving supply chains in Metro Atlanta at the outset of the 21st century. That’s the region’s strength in creating software to support global supply chains.

The assignment was complicated by a tightened deadline. We lost production time due to power outages caused by down trees due to the remnants of Hurricane Irma. It passed through the Atlanta area, much of which is heavily forested, as a tropical storm.

Worldwide Editing also helped produce reports for the first two legs of the Global Cities Initiative. Those were a Metro Export Plan (MEP) and a Foreign Direct Investment Plan. The MEP won a Phoenix Award from the Gerogia Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

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