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  • Who we help: Local/global businesses, economic development organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, nonprofits, academics, PR agencies, entrepreneurs and print and online publishers that outsource internal and external communications, business and environmental reporting and grant  writing to a trusted and experienced communications partner.

  • What's behind our success?  The journalism background of Thomas Allen Oder. Tom's skills and experience in senior newspaper editing positions give him a lens to understand and tell the stories of businesses, industries and environmental trends in ways that help decision makers outperform competitors. Tom has won awards for his work as  the principal at Worldwide Editing and as a senior editor at Cox Newspapers.

  • Our bottom line goal:  Be a revenue generator, not a cost center, that grows brand recognition, market share and reputation.


        Thought leadership in three tracks (see below).

Writing and editing services

that boost local, global brands

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COVER PHOTO AND STORY: Tom Oder had the top spots in the 2018 Conservationist, the Georgia-Alabama Land Trust's annual magazine.

Business writer

Business writing

Core service: Writing and photography for news magazines; high-end communications for  corporations and nonprofits; copyediting,  proofreading, fact checking;  can work virtually. Metro Atlanta Chamber, Georgia Grown, Georgia Natural Gas, Insider Advantage and James Magazine, MARTA, Panama Gateway.


In UGA's Terry College alumni magazine

Grant writer

Copy editing

The final set of eyes: Copy editing is a critical service that does more than dot an "i" and cross a "t". Copy editing is a process that also makes sure all the facts are right and sentences flow smoothly. The copy editor is the last person to see your content before it goes to your audience. Our goal in copy editing is to enhanced your brand and make you look smart!

Editing styles we use: AP, Chicago, Dreyer's English.



Environment writer

Environmental writing

A passion: Farm to school, urban agriculture, sustainability, conservation easements. Mother Nature Network (MNN), CNN, Huffington Post,Tree Hugger, Atlanta 

Magazine, National Wildlife Federation, Georgia-Alabama Land Trust. 

A story that's getting good metrics


Our recent successes


Exposing a black market for plant smugglers

This story is shining a light on a black market for

succulents poached on Mexico's Cedros Island and the

U.S. West Coast. Published by Mother Nature

Network, the game warden who exposed the operation,

which has been covered by variousCalifornia newspapers,

called our story "the best-written article yet." It received

22K page views in the first 24 hours after it went live.

We're now working on a followup story about global

succulent poaching in South Africa, Madagascar and

other countries. Here's a link to the story about the

West Coast poaching:

Biomass and clean energy

We have the centerfold story in the 2018 issue of

Georgia Grown, the signature annual magazine of the

Georgia Department of Agriculture that promotes the 

state's agriculture brand. This story is about Georgia's

forestry industry and its ingenious use of sawmill 

byproducts, wood chips and sawdust, to create wood

pellets that are shipped to Europe where they are 

replacing coal as a clean energy source.

Family owned butcher shops

We also had the cover story in the Georgia Grown 2017

issue. This story was about the comeback of family

owned butcher shops in Georgia. It featured two

families in Middle Georgia.


Georgia Natural Gas

Copyedited a 48-page 2018 Community Report

for the statewide utility and wrote a letter for the

president for a brochure promoting a major event

for key sponsors.

USDA/Georgia Trend: A report on USDA hurricane relief programs and how they are helping

Georgia farmers recover from Hurricane Michael and make conservation improvements to their farms

that will reduce the damage from future storms.  

Georgia-Alabama Land Trust: In a lesson about what it means to be grateful, an artist and land owner

 talks about why he loves the pristine 300-plus acres he grew up on and the converted dairy barn he calls

 home. Story begins on Page 18 of the Conservationist:

Current projects

       We are working with the following businesses, nonprofits and academics on some important topics:

  • Mother Earth News: Greening America's cities by greening public schoolyards. A look at a

       nationwide effort to turn school grounds into parks. To be published in spring 2020. 

  • Heirloom Gardener: A report on a public policy initiative by North Carolina's Wake County

       Board of Commissioners to require the use of 70 percent native plants on all county government 

       landscape projects. Wake County includes metropolitan Raleigh. projects. 

  • Georgia Magazine: A story about Emory University scientists who are studying how a Civil War guide to

       native plant remedies for infections from battlefield wounds can be applied to modern-day wound care. 

A testimonial

"Probably the most complete media reporting

on birds and hurricanes I've seen."

                                                                                                  Pat Leonard, Cornell Lab of Ornithology


A Mother Nature Network story about the impact of hurricanes on seabirds and migratory land birds.



2015 Phoenix Award for a Metro Export Plan for the Metro Atlanta Chamber (Georgia Chapter of the

Public Relations Society of America).

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Latest post: The value of volunteering. Donating your time and talents to help other has benefits you may not have thought about.

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Tom Oder

My message to startups, corporate or academic  communications managers or publishers   ...

If writing causes you pain,

I can take that pain away!



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MY CLAIM TO FAME: I wrote the famous 'It's Atlanta!' headline 9/18/1990 in The Atlanta Journal when Atlanta won the 1996 Olympics.

Photo by John Glenn

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