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Who you know is as important as what you know

Our latest success – developing and writing the content for the re-launch of the website for the Panama Gateway International Association – illustrates two of Worldwide Editing’s core strengths.

The first is communications Intelligence – knowing whom to turn to when a marketing project involves more than writing. The second is content strategy and creation – understanding the type and range of content a project needs and then developing that content.

Panama Gateway, an international business group that promotes trade with Panama, recently decided to re-launch their website, and asked Worldwide Editing to produce the content for the new site. In strategy meetings to map out the site and site content, a website designer Panama Gateway’s leaders had planned to use unexpectedly said that he was not available. That’s when Worldwide Editing’s communications intelligence provided a solution. We recommended She’s Wired.

She’s Wired is a technology support company in Atlanta that provides businesses with a wide-range of website services including project management, design, website development, site management, SEO, and ongoing site updates and maintenance. The company – and the firm’s really cool car! (see the She's Wired Home Page) – are owned by a former colleague at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Cox Enterprises, Sue Cleere.

Sue stepped in and with her usual calm and patient efficiency recommended a site design and a launch plan. Panama Gateway’s executive leadership team readily accepted Sue’s proposal, and Worldwide Editing worked with Sue and the Panama Gateway team in Atlanta, New York, New Orleans, and Panama to write the content for the site – which went live in April.

Worldwide Editing is now working with Sue and Panama Gateway to plan future phases of the site. These phases will include social media, blogs, SEO, interactivity, and more. Going forward, Worldwide Editing, which is a member of Panama Gateway’s leadership team and has a seat on the Board, will have the lead role in creating, managing and writing content for the site.

It’s a role we’re looking forward to. And to a large extent it came about not just because what we know but who we know.

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